Sign In Software

Intelligent Visitor & Contractor Software

Allow your visitors to check in securely and conveniently with Sharp’s intelligent check-in system. Say goodbye to paper check in forms with our advanced facial recognition and custom check out electronic forms.

Security Enabled

Capture your visitor’s photo at site via the SinePoint Pro iPad App. This is ideal to improve security checks at site to ensure visitors, contractors and staff clearly identifying themselves.

Face Check

Improve security at Site with facial recognition. Allow for even easier check-out of regular visitors just using their faces.

Asset Tracking

How often does your workplace hand out keys, access control cards, passes, or other physical assets?

‘Scan and Track’ allows you to tag keys, cards, passes and other physical assets you have that need to go out on loan. Once tagged, they can be allocated to an employee, contractor, or visitor quickly, easily and accurately.

Sine now integrates with Key Watcher. On check-in an SMS pin is issued to the approved contractor to access the key cabinet.

Customisable with a click

Every organisation is different. Different types of people coming to see you, different risks on entry, different legal consequences on entry and exit.

Sine has you covered with custom check-in and check-out forms. Instantly publish forms to display across all devices: web, tablet and mobile.

Check-out ready

Checking-out on Sine is as easy as checking-in.

Just scan your printed badge, type in your mobile number or email, or use Face Check on the SinePointPro iPad app.

Check out is even faster on Sine Pro for mobile with instant alerts as you depart. Enable auto check-out if you are a regular at a particular site.

Answer check-out questions and close off your visit or works for the day. Automatically notify your host that you have departed safely.

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