Sharp EIT Solutions unveils an Augmented Reality Photo Booth

Boost fan engagement and grow membership with Sharp EIT's Augmented Reality (AR) Photobooth.

Discover how Sharp EIT Solutions has helped enhance Adelaide Oval's fan engagement through the implementation of Sharp EIT's AR Photo Booth

#Augmented Reality Photo Booth at Adelaide Oval boosts fan engagement

Sharp EIT Solutions is thrilled to announce the launch of the innovative augmented reality (AR) photo booth at Adelaide Oval.

This cutting-edge technology aims to enhance fan interaction and engagement for AFL teams Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Football Club.

The interactive photo booth running Plasticated's Pose Panel software features a 4K 65" touch screen, a high-definition video camera, and a state-of-the-art application that allows fans to take photos with their favourite players in augmented reality all without the need for supervision.

Sharp EIT Solutions worked closely with Kojo to capture the players in a green screen shoot, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for the fan.

“The Adelaide Oval team is constantly focused on innovating the game day experience, thinking about what we can be doing better, differently or with the help of cutting-edge tech."

#"When Sharp EIT Solutions came to us with this exciting new Augmented Reality Photo Booth, we knew we had to make it happen for local fans. “

Adelaide Oval's CEO Nick Addison said; 

The images captured by the Augmented Reality Photo Booth can be instantly sent to fans' email addresses or via SMS, providing a memorable and interactive experience. 

Pose Panel is a turnkey solution for building and deploying highly interactive augmented video experiences, quickly and reliably. The platform provides screen management functionality, experience analytics and sharing microsite customisations. Deploy an experience on 1 or 1001 screens with the click of a button. 

With this innovative solution, Sharp EIT Solutions AR Photobooth is poised to transform how fans engage with their beloved AFL teams and players, creating unforgettable moments whilst also contributing to membership growth.

#We've helped the Adelaide Oval, let us help you!

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