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Sharp EIT Solutions brings cutting-edge LED Screens, engineered and designed in Australia.

The Huddle LED Curved Screen by Sharp EIT Solutions

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Our solutions, engineered and designed in Australia, feature industry-leading chipsets, lamps, and peripheral hardware, coupled with innovative control system solutions, making them highly coveted in the market.

Portable LED Screens by Sharp EIT Solutions

Portable LED Screens


Our Portable LED Screens are crafted to enhance your brand visibility. With high-resolution LED displays, your content is guaranteed to stand out, captivating your audience in any setting. The vivid and colorful pictures provide a fantastic visual effect. Choose from different installation modes, including Foot Mounting, Hanging, or Wall-mounting. For creative flexibility, combine up to 6 units to craft innovative designs.

Transparent LED Sharp EIT Solutions

Transparent LED Display

Indoor or Outdoor

Transparent LED allows you to reach out to your customers with a spectacular large display, without blocking the daylight into your store. Super high transparency allows infinite possibilities for creative display and space creation. Aluminium alloy cabinet and high brightness also makes transparent LED the perfect choice for retail, commercial, attractions and many more environments. There are various methods and instillation options to achieve a transparent aesthetic, including transparent LED cabinets, transparent adhesive film, transparent MESH for external building facades, and LED Mesh Curtains for staging.

LED Video Wall the Huddle North Melbourne Kangaroos by Sharp EIT Solutions

LED Video Wall

Indoor, Outdoor, 3D LED

LED video walls provide impeccable visuals, adaptability to any size or configuration, and outstanding visual features, making them a central tool for communication and engagement with your customers. For optimal performance, video walls need to endure extended operation, varying temperatures, and exposure to diverse natural and environmental elements. EIT’s video walls are constructed with robust materials, ensuring uninterrupted performance in any environmental conditions. This means users can confidently run their video walls without the need for constant adjustments or continuous monitoring to ensure content displays flawlessly.

Bespoke and Curved LED Screen Marvel Stadium by Sharp EIT Solutions

Bespoke & Curved LED


Customised LED flexible modules can be arranged in virtually any configuration, making them ideal for curved or rounded walls. Curved LED solutions are ideal for dance floors, interactive surfaces, immersive rooms, and Virtual Reality applications. Infinite creative possibilities; create cylinders, spirals, waves and ribbons with maximum flexibility, your imagination is the limit.

Heritage Bank Stadium Outdoor LED Scoreboard by Sharp EIT Solutions

Outdoor LED

Scoreboards, Stadiums

From stadium scoreboards and perimeter displays to concert venue backdrops and billboard signage, there are now more opportunities than ever to create a visually captivating game-day experience for your fans. Available in 3.91 through to P10 pixel pitches, we can accommodate most outdoor requirements and achieve the right resolution and brightness level for your outdoor environment.

LED All-in-one Display Terminal Sharp EIT Solutions

LED All-in-one Display Terminal


LED All in one display, also known as a I-TV is a Integrated Commercial LED display product with built in control system via our on screen display, supports HDMI input and wireless casting for multiple devices along with Android On Board. Ultra - HD display effect ensures perfect viewing experience without loss of details. Built in video processing function supports screen splitting mode and easy switch. Ideal for Conference Rooms, Boardrooms, training classrooms and Projection replacement the I-TV come in both Wall Mount and Floor Standing Variants.

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Travel Money Curved LED

Travel Money Curved LED

Heritage Bank Stadium Scoreboard

Heritage Bank Stadium Scoreboard

The Huddle North Melbourne Kangaroos

The Huddle North Melbourne Kangaroos

Scoreboard Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Scoreboard Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Marvel Stadium

Marvel Stadium


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