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How do I choose an office printer?

Choosing the right office printer is crucial for ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity in your workplace. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting an office printer:

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  1. Printing Needs:
    • Type of Documents: If you need high-quality colour prints for presentations or marketing materials, opt for a colour laser printer. For standard text documents, a monochrome laser printer might suffice.
    • Volume: Assess the volume of printing your office handles. For high-volume environments, consider a robust, high-capacity printer.
  2. Functionality:
    • Single-Function Printers: If you only need to print, a single-function printer can be a more cost-effective choice.
    • Multifunction Printers (MFPs): These devices combine printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. MFPs are ideal for offices that require multiple functionalities in one device
  3. Connectivity:
    • Network Connectivity: For larger offices, a printer with Ethernet connectivity allows multiple users to connect to the printer through the office network.
    • Wireless and Mobile Printing: Ensure the printer supports wireless printing and mobile printing options like AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or other mobile printing solutions. This feature is essential for flexibility and ease of use.
  4. Cost Considerations:
    • Energy Efficiency: Look for printers with energy-saving features and certifications, such as Energy Star, to reduce electricity costs.
    • Initial Cost vs. Running Costs: While some printers may have a lower upfront cost, they might have higher running costs due to expensive consumables (like toner or ink) and maintenance. Consider the total cost of ownership, including both initial purchase and ongoing expenses.
  5. Print Speed and Quality:
    • Print Quality: Measured in dots per inch (dpi), higher dpi ensures sharper and more detailed prints. Choose a printer with a resolution that meets your quality standards.
    • Print Speed: Measured in pages per minute (ppm), print speed is crucial in busy offices where multiple users rely on the printer.
  6. Paper Handling:
    • Paper Capacity: Look for a printer with a sufficient paper tray capacity to reduce the frequency of refills.
    • Paper Size and Type: Ensure the printer can handle the paper sizes and types your office uses, from standard A4 to envelopes and labels.
  7. Brand and Support:
    • Technical Support and Service: Ensure that the manufacturer or supplier provides good technical support and easy access to service and parts.
    • Reputable Brands: Consider printers from well-known and reliable brands like Sharp, which offer robust warranties and excellent customer support.


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