Steve "Blocker" Roach & Gorden "The Raging Bull" Tallis join the Sharp EIT family

Sharp EIT Solutions welcomes the dynamic duo

Steve "Blocker" Roach & Gorden "The Raging Bull" Tallis join the Sharp EIT family

We're excited to announce that two giants of the sporting world, Steve "Blocker" Roach and Gorden "The Raging Bull" Tallis, have officially joined forces with Sharp EIT Solutions as our esteemed product ambassadors. 

With Blocker and The Raging Bull leading the charge, clubs and pubs are about to experience a whole new level of excellence in technology and innovation as they spear head our efforts to revolutionise venues across the nation. 

From vibrant LED display screens to reliable office printers, comprehensive managed IT support, and forward-thinking green energy solutions, Sharp EIT provides fully integrated solutions, with financing options available. Whether for clubs, pubs, or businesses, rest assured they are in the most capable hands! 

With the backing of industry leader Sharp EIT Solutions, Steve and Gorden will deliver flexible and tailored solutions while captivating audiences with their legendary storytelling. 

#"Sharp EIT Solutions are a sports orientated tech company and that’s right up my alley!”

Blocker said

#"Great to be part of Sharp EIT’s Queensland expansion and I love that they give money back to junior rugby league.”

Gorden Tallis said

So, join us in welcoming Blocker and The Raging Bull to the Sharp EIT family. Together, we're poised to make waves, break boundaries, and set new standards of excellence in the world of technology and entertainment.

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