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How Sharp printers can protect your office from cyber attacks

#You’ve probably been using office printers for years now without having to worry about any cybersecurity issues.​

After all, it’s not worth targeting right?

Well, unfortunately with the rise of cyber attacks in recent times, hackers are looking for weak points in your business network to target.

This often means that devices such as printers that have out of date software or poor security measures are perfect targets. 

Now that most printers are connected to the internet, your whole network is at risk if your printer is hacked.

Threats that your printer can face include:

Using the printer as a point of attack

When a printer is hacked it can be used as an entry point to attack other devices or steal data on your network.

Cloud printing risks Cloud printing can also be risky as the print job is processed on public servers, then sent to the printer. This leaves it vulnerable to middleman attacks or unauthorised access via cloud printing channels. 

Unauthorised access to print data

A person could simply walk over to a printer and access sensitive information that they are not authorised to view.

How Sharp multifunction printers can protect your office

Sharp Security Suite

With the Sharp Security Suite your organisation’s sensitive information is protected from unauthorised access network access.

Sharp uses a multi-layer security approach, giving complete control over the users, ports, devices and applications that interact with Sharp MFPs(Multifunction printers) on your network. 

Sharp Data Security

Standard MFP security together with optional Data Security Kits (DSKs) security protects and controls the major MFP systems and subsystems (print, copy, scan, fax jobs, network settings, memory components, local user interface).

Sharp printers also use 256*-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on all data before it’s saved into storage. 

In addition, when the printer is returned at the end of lease or no longer needed all data can be securely wiped from the memory. 

* Encryption level varies per model.

Sharp Network Interface

Your data is at risk from external attacks or unauthorised access to your printer.

Sharp MFPs’ intelligent network interface prevents these threats with a suite of advanced security features including: 

Security Standards Sharp printers give you the ability to have complete control over information access, transmission and tracking to ensure compliance with strict protocols. 

Whether your organisation needs to meet corporate or public sector information security standards, Sharp printer security can help. 

Sharp MFP’s can help your organisation run smoother with more than just advanced security features. 

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