Sharp EIT Solutions teams up with Port Melbourne Football Club

Sharp EIT Solutions teams up with Port Melbourne Football Club

#A partnership in support of the VFL

In an exciting development for both the tech and sporting communities, Sharp EIT Solutions announce its official partnership with Port Melbourne Football Club, also known as the Borough. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for both entities, as Sharp EIT Solutions joins forces with one of the oldest and most esteemed football clubs in Australia.

As part of this partnership, Sharp EIT Solutions will serve as the preferred technology partner for Port Melbourne Football Club, while also proudly sponsoring the club. 

The Managing Director of Sharp EIT Solutions, Mario Bernatovic, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are proud to show our support for the VFL through this partnership with Port Melbourne Football Club."

The alliance between Sharp EIT Solutions and Port Melbourne Football Club signifies a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement. Both organisations recognise the importance of leveraging technology to drive success on and off the field, making this partnership a natural fit.

For Sharp EIT Solutions, this collaboration presents an opportunity to further solidify its presence in the sports industry while demonstrating its dedication to supporting local communities.

Similarly, for Port Melbourne Football Club, partnering with Sharp EIT Solutions represents a significant milestone in their journey. With access to advanced technological resources and the backing of a reputable industry leader, the club is poised to enhance its operations, improve performance, and better serve its players, staff, and fans.

#“We are thrilled to welcome Sharp to the Borough family in our 150th year. We are looking forward to growing our businesses together and building the foundations for a strong and lasting partnership”

General Manager Sophie Williams said

The inception of this collaboration stems from ongoing work between Sharp EIT Solutions’ Business Development Manager, Neil Armstrong and Port Melbourne’s General Manager Sophie Williams.