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4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Digital Signage

#Digital signage has been quickly appearing in place of traditional signs, here’s why your business could be missing out!

Businesses have been undergoing a transformation in the way they use signage. If you’ve stepped foot inside a business recently, you’ve likely seen one or more digital signs.

Whether it’s a scrolling menu board for your restaurant or café or in a medical centre displaying when it’s your turn, digital signage have been quickly replacing their paper equivalents.

Here’s four reasons why your business should consider using digital signs:

1. The greatest advantage of digital signs is its agility

When businesses put up a paper or otherwise static sign, it’s unchangeable and will eventually need to be replaced with a newer sign which can be timely, costly and difficult to coordinate across an entire business.

Digital signs can effectively display anything you can imagine, granted you create the media components needed. They are also far more efficient at changing content with the flick of a (a few) button(s).

For example, businesses and government organisations have made use of their digital signs during Covid-19 to provide quick updates on restrictions and requirements, such as masks or social distancing.

The agility of digital signage can ensure your business can keep up with the latest trends and pivot quickly when presented with new information.

2. Digital signs are more versatile than traditional signage

Digital signage is, well, digital. This means it is far more versatile than traditional signage as businesses can utilise static images or graphics in addition to audio, video and animations.

While consumers can tune out or fail to notice traditional signage, moving images, animations, audio and video will naturally be more engaging.

Ensuring people are engaging with your signage increases the effectiveness of it, whether it be an effort in digital advertising to consumers or communicating internally to employees.

3. Digital signs can be designed to provide an interactive experience

Digital signs can be designed to provide an interactive experience that can further engage consumers, generate leads and create good-will.

For example, digital signs in shopping centres can be used to help consumers navigate using maps and provide useful information about events or incidents.

They could also be used for promotional games, surveys, newsletter signups and to allow users to navigate to content that is relevant.

4. As technology improves digital signs become increasingly affordable

Yes, it is more expensive than traditional or paper signage.

However, as technology improves digital displays become increasingly affordable, and when they’re more effective than traditional signage the potential Return-on-Investment must be considered.

Additionally, if competitors start implementing digital signage effectively they could start taking from your market share!

While it is always prudent to consider the costs and whether your business can afford it, it is just as important that businesses also consider if they can afford not to.

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